Thursday, December 4, 2008

Captive of my desires

okay, MY beloved gawjus readers! reading my blogggggg.

as you noticed, theres a book on top. well, i tought i'll other do a review :)
next review imma do, is about TWILIGHT.
but i think if you read twilight, you might just think its the best book ever written
To me, its not. it did made me imagine as though i was bella being piggy backed by edward cullen tho. but so did this book :D

has a nice ring to it, doesn't it?
it has pirates, marriage and a hot guy and girl who eventually marries each other.
i think its really romantic and how a pirates daughther, being disgrace that she's a pirate, made a lady seducer fall in love and wanting to marry. it contains much of suspense, love, lust, adventure...
So, its up to you to buy it or not. but in my OPNION. hell yeah, go buy it.

OKAY, im sorry. i don't do reviews like ZOMG! i love it so much! i think people who writes that are just posers and wannabe's. and i hate how they think they already know everything about it.
Dont get me wrong, i'm not all proper english and serious all the time. if you met me in real life, you hella won't think that. But it just bugs me how its always like that.



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